white whale

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white whale

White Whale, the country of origin Italy and the European Union.

Products such as White Whale, Refrigerator, Washer, Microwaves, Dishwasher, Air Conditioning, Deep Fraser, Gas Cooker.

Technical support in Egypt The United Engineering Establishment, the customer in all govern-orates of Egypt can establish a technical support request through the website. The application is usually executed within one working day.

To create a technical support request click here.

White Whale maintenance, through technicians and engineers trained in all govern-orates of Egypt or through our authorized service centers. Where the customer can call the short number 19032.

The customer submits a maintenance request through the Call Center service. The application is executed within one working day in most govern orates, where our policy is at home.

The customer can also pay the maintenance bill through the Visa machine, cash or bank deposit.

We give customers a six month warranty on all spare parts replaced at the customer’s home or through authorized service centers.

Spare parts and Itwell, we offer all parts of their products through the exhibition “e-store”.

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