White Westinghouse

White Westinghouse 1

White Westinghouse

White Westinghouse

Is a US company that manufactures electric home appliances, kitchen appliances such as: refrigerator, washing machine, cooker, oven, air conditioning, water cooler.

air conditioners and other household appliances, Founded in 1975, it has branches in,

The two North American continents of the United Arab Emirates, and there are many maintenance centers.

Is owned by Electrolux International in the United States of America,

Of the oldest companies that manufacture home appliances

Technical Support in Egypt. United Engineering Establishment.

White-Westinghouse products: refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, freezer, air conditioning, gas stove, water cooler and many products.

Is a US company and agent for US companies SABCO and Electrolux International. Possessing Westinghouse signs,

Frigidaire, Kelvinator, Wheelerball, maytag and many US brands.

Columbus Engineering Corporation awarded the United Engineering Corporation the right of distribution,

representation and maintenance to be responsible for sales, distribution and after sales service,

All services for users of these brands within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

White Westinghouse 2

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